Video Game tips

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Game: Riders Republic

How to boost efficiently

When you’re racing with the jetpack wingsuit, don’t keep waiting long for the bar to fill.

Instead, use the entire bar in the beginning and keep boosting whenever it fills a tiny bit. This trick will have you boosting consistently in short, frequent bursts throughout the race.

But, if you’re trying to make a sharp turn or avoid an obstacle, then you should probably stop spamming boost.

Game: Battlefield 2042

Don’t stay in the air for too long.

Hanging in the air with the parachute gives you a tremendous height advantage and can make shooting players a lot easier. But look at it from the enemy’s perspective. You’re slowly floating down from the sky with no cover and low maneuverability.

You’re also on display for anyone else in the area.

Knowing when to run away keeps you in the game.

Playing aggressively and pushing forward onto enemies is one of the best ways to get more kills and increase your odds of winning.

But knowing when to leave a fight or reposition will keep also keep you in the match longer.

If you take a lot of shots and your health is low, you’ll want to quickly reposition behind your team as the enemy players will call out that you’re low and push up.

Game: Far Cry 6

Keep an eye on your gunpowder.

Gunpowder is an essential crafting material used for every weapon upgrade in the game. So you should set a time to grind for gunpowder whenever you’re running low.

There’s no real way to farm gunpowder, so your best bet is to search FND caches scattered across Yara. You can also talk to guerilla NPCs in camps or rescue hostages to gain intel about FND caches.